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Pennington County Small Claims Court
Filing, procedures, judgement collections and resources.

Utilizing this website for something other than small claims court procedures, submitting a small claims case, obtaining information and facts for financial debt collection and collection agencies to collect on your judgement, seeking and calling an attorney/lawyer for your trial(s), or for the express purpose of attaining data for the small claims procedure is strictly forbidden!

Before submitting a case with the court you need to get in touch with a debt collection professional that represents Pennington County. There's a likely possibility that your debt will be collected on your behalf before you have to resort to filing a case. You should use the resources on this website to get in touch with a honest debt collection service in order to collect for you. If you are considering taking your trial to court and have to settle immediately then you may also wish to take this substitute approach. In the improbable event that a collection agency is ineffective to collect, then please proceed to submit your case with the court. Our docket que is now at over six (6) months waiting to be heard in trial. Please be diligent.

Small claims cases usually do not require a legal professional. If you feel that your lawsuit is specific or you do not feel confident with representing your facts in front of a judge you may seek councel assistance. You should be effectively ready for your trial in court. This courtroom will hear your trial only once to make it's final decision. Be certain to have all of your records and documents prepared and any testimonies or witnesses you have are available for your trial to expedite the process.

If you have submitted a case and more than six (6) months has elapsed, please review the official small claims docket section for Pennington County. You may have not received notification in the mail so you need to observe this page to be sure that you do not fail to see any deadlines or trial dates.

Mediation with small claim court

Mediation is a conversation among two parties that are having a dispute. Mediators are staffs with the court who listen for the circumstances of men and women to determine the dispute. Many individuals cannot be able to settle dispute among... Read More

What evidence do you need to bring to Pennington County small claims court?

When you are preparing for Pennington County small claims court it is necessary for you to make certain all of your documentation is in order. It isn't that which you accuse somebody of, it's what you can show that counts. Documents, receipts, for... Read More

What happens if I am sued in Pennington County small claims court and lose?

Small claims courts give a forum for people or businesses to seek damage that they are titled from another person or business. Claims should usually come under a certain amount of money, for example $5,000. Several reasons why you might have a... Read More

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Common Cases

  • Back rent
  • Return of security deposit
  • Rroken or damaged property
  • Unpaid claims
  • Breach of a written or verbal contract
  • Doctor/hospital bills for medical treatment
  • Claims valued up to $5,000.00.

More Common Small Claims Cases.

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The Pennington County Small Claims Court has a clerk who can assist you with the procedures for bringing your lawsuit. In those Town or Village Courts that do not have clerks, the judge may assist you. When this guide mentions the clerk, and the court you are using does not have a clerk, you should seek the assistance of the judge.
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